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With the population of the United States aging and the younger adults finding it necessary for both spouses to work outside the home, the time available to take care of their aging parents is limited. The day to day needs of their parents are difficult to manage, and the unscrupulous and ruthless acts of crimes against the elderly are a growing concern.

Although eldercare is a new concept for some CPA firms, ours has been providing it for some time. Some of the services we provide for the elderly are:

  • Direct services, which include timely payment of bills, checkbook reconciliation, income tax return preparation, monitoring medical reimbursements by submitting proper forms required for benefits, coordinating and overseeing home maintenance and repair, and making arrangements for appropriate care and transportation.

  • Consulting services, which includes estate planning, determining specific needs for the future, providing third-party assistance for the client, maintaining compliance with long-term care benefits, evaluating housing and care alternatives, planning for declining competency, and supervising of investments and accounting for the estate.

By providing this type of service, we give the elderly someone to watch over him or her and give them the guidance needed in the fast paced ever-changing world.